Thoughtful creativity. Inspiring collaborations.

Modern, textural, and statement-making. 

Romantic and fresh.

We believe that flowers tell a story. Here is a piece of ours.



I have always been obsessed with art. Lines, colors, and textures have flooded my dreams since childhood. My background in graphic design and fine art has found its home in florals - coming to life with creative compositions.  My style is subtle but dramatic, layered and unexpected. I believe you can find true self-expression through plants and endless inspiration through creative collaboration. 


"Boston has its fair share of both floral shops and high-end designers, but Orly Khon Floral Boutique gives us the best of both worlds."

- Boston Magazine, "2017 Best Florist, Orly Khon Floral Boutique"



Ideal day off: Taking a bike ride to the arboretum for a picnic, reading and snacking on fruit in the shade of a beautiful tree.

Favorite project/moment: I love the hustle and bustle moments during a busy wedding setup - really getting into the flow of it and creating. There is a deep focus in the details, the time flies by and suddenly you turn around and everything is complete. It's this project you have worked on for months that finally comes to fruition and you're left with a beautiful space.



Ideal day off: (Mostly applies to when the weather is nice -and warm!) starting the day outdoors in the sunshine followed by lots of relaxation, some cooking, and a glass of wine.

Favorite project/moment: Some of the best moments happen when you come to the end of a project, whether an event/wedding set up or a plant installation. the vision turning into reality is so rewarding to watch. It is where hard work, enthusiasm and creativity appear literally in front of your eyes.



Ideal day off: watering my plants, lighting a candle, and making some moody drawings.

Favorite project/moment: It's always such a rewarding feeling to see a client's plants months (or even years) later and see how they have grown and thrived - and hear how much happiness they've gained from their plants. It's like watching a child grow up, and it feels so good to give people that experience with plants!